Hospitality Services

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Hospitality Services

Hospitality Services

Onsite Kitchen Serving Specialized food for Aged

Kankinya has its own on site kitchen… doesn’t sound particularly unusual you may say but most facilities today have their food delivered packaged in what is called “Regothermic or Snap Chilled” containers often cooked in bulk in Sydney.

We believe its not much of a Home without a kitchen, you wouldn’t want to live in a house without a kitchen would you ? We have a chef on duty every day to prepare fresh homemade fare of the most nutritious and tasty style available. An onsite kitchen gives the flexibility to supply a different menu for different residents, as not everyone likes the same thing. We have fresh cakes and scones among our menu each day; our menu is seasonal and caters for the Canberra cold weather and the times when a salad is more suitable. Food is served all day, every day, breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper.

Tea/Coffee Cafe for Residents & Visitors

Kankinya offers a self-serves tea and coffee cafe which is open and available all day to the relatives and friends of our Residents, the cafe is located conveniently in the front recreational hall with comfortable seating both inside and out in our award winning courtyard and gardens. Simply lovely in any weather, please ask for help if required.

Onsite Laundry

Kankinya has its own onsite laundry which is operated by a conscientious staff that launders all linen and such as well as all resident clothing which is washed, folded and returned to the Resident on a daily basis, repairs and name tagging is available also on site for your convenience.

Fulltime Maintenance Manager

Kankinya has a full time Maintenance Manager who ensures that everything is in ship shape condition at all times, he is available to hang your photographs etc upon request.

Pastoral Services

Kankinya has Pastoral services on a regular basis for any religious denomination, which are keenly attended.

Fully Hair Salon

Kankinya has an onsite, fully equipped Hair Salon with a fully qualified hairdresser available upon appointment.