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Kankinya Aged Care Facility in Canberra, Australia is well recognized as the leader in dementia management, not just in the A.C.T but much more widely due to several factors. As a specialised facility we offer much more than other Homes. Simply saying that you care for dementia is easy, most facilities have a locked up area discretely located away from the general facility.

At Kankinya Nursing Home & Aged Care Facility we have a “free to roam” policy and just as importantly a “non restraint” policy. Besides a wonderfully dedicated staff our building has a lot to do with our reputation, dementia residents are generally inclined to wander and become frustrated should they find themselves at a dead end, we have designed and built a circular hallway system that embraces dementia rather than fight against it.

As well as the building purposely designed we have several small garden and sitting areas and a huge central courtyard all accessible to our residents. Even dementia sufferers get lonely, at our Home we promote a companion style of accommodation with mostly shared bedrooms to alleviate some of the anxiety and anxiousness associated with the disease.

We have a host of daily activities on site which include games, bingo, music, art, movies, reading, regular outings etc and we celebrate most cultural and traditional events including the Melbourne cup, Floriade, Valentines day and more with much decorations and fun for all.

In essence, we not only care for dementia sufferers, we manage dementia to enable our residents the best possible quality of life in a homelike environment.

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